THE PRIMAL MUSIC BLOG PODCAST: 15 Tracks You Must Hear – Friday 21st November 2014


As there is no live show this week for RadioAktiv  // Underground i decided to put together a 15 track Podcast showcasing some of the great music that I’ve found over the past few months from different artists who have either been in touch with the show or that I’ve found myself. These artists come from all over the globe and i believe that they deserve support from not only me but also from anybody with an interest in what I do here on ‘The primal Radio Show’. So below is the podcast playlist. Ive picked 15 tracks that i think you should hear! Ive uploaded them to the Mixcloud page so as you can listen to them on the go!! Theres no innate warbling’s from me on this episode, just bloody great music. Enjoy!!!

The Primal Radio Show – 15 Tracks You Really Should Hear Podcast – November


 1) Stella Diana – Edward Teach

2) Wozniak – Five Star

3) Thud – Lime

4) I Am Your Captain – Sharp Intake Of Breath

5) Blush Responce – Dead Air

6) Holy Science – Fire Speaks

7) Marbles Jackson – Serenity Prayer

8) Keep – Cry

9) La Casa Al Mare – M

10) Luna Ghost – The Sea

11) Magic Love – Growing Organism

12) Mt Mountain – Ring Dove

13) Flyying Colours – Like You Said

14) Follow The Sea – My Horse Friend

15) 93 Million Miles From The Sun – Drinking Bleach





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