THE PRIMAL MUSIC BLOG PODCAST: ’15 Tracks That You Really Must Hear’ – December 2014


As I’m on the Christmas holiday break from the live show over on RadioAktiv//Underground and due to the amazing interest that I received from the last 15 track Mixcloud based podcast back in November, I decided to put together another one showcasing some of the amazing music that I’ve found over the past few months from different artists who have either been in touch with the show or that I’ve found myself by trawling through the tinter web. These artists come from all over the globe and I believe that they deserve support from not only me but also from anybody with an interest in what I do here on ‘The Primal Radio Show’. So below is the podcast & playlist. I’ve picked 15 tracks that I think you should hear! I’ve also listed links to every bands track up on band camp so as you can all go and support them! Plus, I’ve uploaded them to the Primal Radio Show Mixcloud page so as you can listen to them on the go!! Just like Mix Tapes of old. Theres no innate warbling’s from me on this episode, just bloody great music. Enjoy!!! – Del Chaney.

Listen To The ’15 Tracks That You Really Must Hear Podcast’ Here:


Links To The Music From Every One Of The Bands Featured Here:


Del Chaney’s – The Primal Radio Show – 15 Tracks That You Really Must Hear Playlist 

1) Novanta – Reasons

2) Follow The Sea – Sibirien

3) In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits – Transition

4) Lunar Twin – Cruel Water

5) Chasing Traits – Lost Cause

6) Clustersun – Meteors

7) Jeanseburg – She Never Believed In Gravity

8) UMMAGMA – Kiev

9) The Virgance – Propulsion Lab Part 1

10) Kigo – Never Knowing

11) Medicine Boy – Gimme Ya Love

12) We Came From The North – We Grew Old Too Soon

13) Winter – The View

14) The Lost Jackets – Caitlin

15) In Violet – We’re All Dying, Says Sylvia!


Del Chaney – The Primal Radio Show – Dublin, Ireland – January 2015








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