An introduction to | Revolution: The Shoegaze Revival Compilation – Raphalite Records & Gerpfast Kolektif


Artist Name: Revolution – A Shoegaze Revival ( Compilation )

Release Date: 11/02/15

Record Company: Raphalite Records & Gerpfast Kolektif Records

I once read a quote –  “After reaching it’s apotheosis with My Bloody Valentine’s 1991 masterpiece, Loveless, shoegaze petered out quickly, although numerous bands have tried to keep the dense, sense-pommeling sound alive since then, with varying degrees of success”. – To me shoegaze never died. It simply went underground, far away from the prying eyes of the mass media hounds and the unrelenting record corporations looking for a fast buck! It’s vibrant sound continued to cross divides and break borders all around the globe, drifting by us in waves. Every once in a while it popped it’s head up to take a peek at this modern day musical landscape, before quickly retreating, back under the radar, waiting for it’s chance to explode once again. This scene, once dubbed introverted, bubbled under the musical surface and gradually gained the attention of new ears in bedrooms and garages all over the world. Young teenage kids listening to the first generation of shoegaze gathered their friends together to start bands & collectives just to recreate it’s atmospheric post-punk & droning psychedelic sound! This spark, in turn, lit the fuse thus leading to a burgeoning underground scene erupting onto a musical landscape that had been crying out for something different to cling to. The band’s of today’s are the next wave. They have studied their craft and in some case’s created a completely new subculture in a genre of music that is traditionally a hard thing to penetrate. It’s bizarre to think that shoegazing, considered the wimpiest of all the 90’s musical scenes, is now thriving in a post -Pitchfork world!

Now Raphalite Records & Indonesian label Gerpfast Kolektif have brought together a selection of these ‘Next Wave’ shoegaze & dream pop artists, from all around the globe, for one free compilation release. What they have collectively achieved will cement this underground shoegaze scene into history and give the next generation of gazers something to reference when they in turn gather themselves to create their own wave of shoegaze. I am pleased to announce The Primal Music Blog’s complete support of this epic shoegaze compilation by Raphalite Records & Indonesian label Gerpfast Kolektif and I fully intend to support as many of the artists on it as is feasibly possible.

“We are shoegaze; Look at your fucking shoes!” 

Del Chaney – The Primal Music Blog  – Dublin, Ireland.



“Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival” is an epic, truly international 30-track compilation comprised of outstanding original material. Such bands have set the stage for shoegaze pioneers’ return to today’s scene by upholding their wall of sound and painting it with breathtaking colour. Some of these bands are also ‘first wave’ but have remained underground, while some are newbies – the ‘second wave’ of shoegaze.

Curated by UK label Raphalite Records and Indonesian label Gerpfast Kolektif, this compilation features 30 bands from 16 countries, covering 5 of the 6 inhabited continents. Each was selected purely on the basis of their dynamic sound, without any consideration of geographic preference, label affiliation, popularity ranking or hype. Without even one throwaway or filler track, these are all ‘keepers’. This 30-track compilation of epic music will be available as a free download from the 11th of February 2015 over at:

This is not a shoegaze tribute album to MBV or Slowdive, or even The Beatles. There is simply so much greatness to the new wave of shoegaze that we’re focusing on original tracks, which showcase the immense talent of the featured bands. For some, this album may be the best shoegaze soundtrack they’ll encounter in 2015. At minimum, this will serve as a fantastic introduction to these new sounds and happily tide existing shoegaze fans over for quite some time.

This compilation will help move this genre beyond being “The Scene That Celebrates Itself” to one that is also celebrated by others…

Featured bands: //orangenoise (Pakistan), Sounds of Sputnik (Russia), The Yours (Hong Kong), Trementina (Chile), Ummagma (Canada-Ukraine, Digilite (Indonesia), Jaguwar (Germany), Stellarscope (USA), Spool (Japan), Wozniak (Scotland), Ether Feels (Japan), Hideous Towns (Australia), Lights That Change (Wales, UK) ,Damascus (Indonesia), Weird. (Italy),  Hermetic Delight (France), Rev Rev Rev (Italy), The Evening Primrose (Hong Kong), Stella Diana (Italy), Seaside (Indonesia), Blood Lips (UK), Magao (Japan), Clustersun (Italy), Duelectrum (Brazil), Intenna (Indonesia), Robsongs (Brazil), Slow Motion Picture (USA), Thud (Hong Kong), Sharesprings (Indonesia), Puna (Peru)

The Primal Music Blog will be supporting the release of this epic collection of artists from all around the globe right across our social media platforms.


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