GUEST PLAYLIST: Shoegazer Sanctuary – Edition 1


As the shoegaze music movement starts making waves a tsunami of love and passion for the music ensues. Shoegazer Sanctuary will be here, on Facebook, for Shoegazers who want to share and listen to the best Shoegaze around and find some of the most obscure tunes that sculpted this genre into what it is today. The music that preceded the Shoegaze/Nugaze of today deserves to be heard once again. We have found some of he most amazing music in obscure Shoegaze and want to keep sharing it and inspire members to search for it as we do. This is the Spirit of Shoegazer Sanctuary  – Care to join us?

Shoegazer Sanctuary was created for Shoegazers period; people who are obsessed with the sound of a guitar being influenced by sound pedals and deep reverb effects that makes the music irresistible. It was initially a secret FaceBook group but was finally made ‘public’ in the hope of attracting many Shoegaze bands and fans alike that want nothing more than to love the music and share it night and day. It has been working out amazingly so far. Our Shoegazer (member) base keeps growing out of control like a wild fire, but more importantly than the numbers is the love for the music, ecstasy is more like it.

My name is JOE ‘SHOEGAZER’ GIANGRAVE  & I manage the group and initially came up with the name. A Shoegaze obsessed mega fan, and as a song writer as well, I love the genre and cannot stop my search for the most obscure Shoegaze I can find and also continue my research for all things Shoegaze. I really owe where I am now in music to a band called ‘The Joy Formidable‘, if it was not for them back in November of 2010 when I saw them live for the first time I do not believe my interest in shoegaze would have arrived to the obsession status it has reached today. They are the reason I believe in music once again. Thank You ‘The Joy Formidable‘ –  my heart is with you always!


So this is who we are in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy our featured Shoegazer playlist. This will be the first of many to come. We want to thank Del Chaney and Shauna McLarnon for sponsoring Shoegazer Sanctuary and giving us the chance to share our passion for Shoegaze with alot more people outside of Facebook.

Aren’t you curious? Join and/or look us up on Facebook, and find out what all the hype is about – THIS IS SHOEGAZE!












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