NEW MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE | I Am Your Captain – Sever


‘Sever’ is the latest offering from the brilliant UK based ‘I Am Your Captain’. This brand new track is lifted from the forthcoming album due for release sometime over the next few months. ‘I Am Your Captain’ is the solo project of Air Formation bass player – Ben Pierce. This latest offering is another sublime cinematic journey through layers of reverb drenched shoegaze & it typifies the brilliant sounds crafted by this band on their previous releases! The haunting vocals, yearning (almost subliminal) drum patterns, addictive bass lines & droning atmospheric guitars are what instantly attracted us to this immensely intense band. Last years release from the band – ‘As My Heart Rate Slowly Drops’ appeared on Primal Radio’s Top 5 EP’s of 2014. If this latest track is anything to go by then the full release is bound to be epic! You can check out the bands other releases by following the link below to their bandcamp page.  


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