NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Shock Of Daylight – Odette


‘Odette’ is the latest release from London-based producer ‘Shock of Daylight’. Shock of Daylight is the music of Scottish-born multi-instrumentalist Danny Currie, whose work as a guitarist and producer has been featured on BBC 6 Music, as well as many internet radio stations over the past 2 years.

Described by Nugazer as –  “Somewhere between the ambient shoegaze of Ulrich Schnauss and F*ck Buttons’ darker menace’, ‘Shock of Daylight’ weaves organic and electric noise, stripped-back motorik percussion and processed samples into looping, minimalist structures – influenced as much by modern classical greats like Philip Glass and Steve Reich, as by contemporary and early electronica”


‘Odette’ showcases ‘Shock of Daylight’s’ highly process-driven approach, with a sparkling piano figure that is looped, layered, reshaped and re-contextualised multiple times over the track’s 5 minutes.

The track is available to download right now via & on Spotify and iTunes from 25th July 2015.


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