EP REVIEW | Clanns


Introducing ‘Clanns’ from Donegal.

After releasing their debut EP and setting up an arts collective (Andromeda Artisans) they have been busy bees. ‘Clanns’ put their EP out at the very beginning of June but have been too chilled out to put it on Bandcamp indicating that maybe they have some sort of master plan in the works. This EP has a hundred and ten influences on it but is most notably reverb washed ambient rock. I’d call it post rock – shoegaze or chillgaze if I wasn’t sick of all those terms!

The EP starts off with the very “Enonian” track “korova”. Blissfully reverb’d out of it with high falsetto vocals for the first half while violins and clarinets add chilling ambience this track brings MMoths to mind in terms of its ambient electronic texture but its something much different in terms of percussion. This is the first post rock-esque track wherein I will refrain from mentioning Mogwai as a reference point. This in and of itself is a great thing due to the absolute mass of Mogwai copycats on the scene at the moment.

My favorite track on this EP “Make Me A Child” is tribal in its approach as it has a sitar emulation on the guitar as it drones out all the while the drummer taps along the toms in a very tabla fashion while the vocals whisper faint but probably sexual words over the whole piece. Half way through the track they get serious and fire on the distortion but their refrain is admirable as most bands would just blast as loudly as possible at this point. This has grooves that even Noel Redding would bang along to as it drifts into psychedelic territory even further near the end. This beast is a must listen.

‘Heavan knows’ aka ‘Guitars For Airports’ is a slow ambient track with some guitars on it. Some vocals and stuff too. Not my favorite.

‘Moriarty’ is a beautiful slice of heaven. If its one thing these dudes know how to do its put reverb on stuff. With lovely melancholic melodies this track drives like a ‘Palms’ track but with the vocal grandour of Thom Yorke. All in all the emotion in this track is real with its jazzy pads and sparse drum groove. The bass does not meander off track and keeps the whole thing together like a slab of glue. This track would make for a delicious accompaniment to any 70’s James Bond film that you watch while on Psilopsyben Mushrooms. It finishes subtly so get ready to press the repeat button if you still own one of those prehistoric things that plays plastic discs!

‘Apollonia’ is my joint fave track on this due to its inclusion of an old voice recording. It brings me back to when I used to sleep on the couch while my granja watched TCM on a Sunday. Thank god we don’t live in a 3rd world country or that would not be a memory of mine. This track screams “Phantogram-Eyelid Movies” as the arpeggio on the gee tar is fiercely gentle but with a chorus of harmonies that Brian Wilson would stamp with approval. The drums are very busy in this and coupled with the vocals they drive the tune. As a closer this track is ideal as it keeps the whole EP together as a sort of story piece.
I like this EP a lot and as music journalism is an airtight science I have to say its the best EP in the whole world because writing on a blog affords me that privilege. I’d also go see these dudes live if I were you as they are loud n’ proud and will make the hair stand up on your back!

5 out of 5.



The EP is only available to listen to via Spotify  – HERE


Robert Von Ciaran

Robert Mulhern

Robert Mulhern is the Vocalist, Guitarist, Producer & Engineer in Irish heavy experimental shoegazers ‘Tuath’. Hailing from Donegal in the North of the Republic, Robert’s musical influences span numerous genres and are far reaching. ‘Tuath’ are quietly establishing themselves as forerunners in Ireland’s experimental shoegaze & psych-rock scene.

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