EP REVIEW | Soft Blonde – No Good Trying


ARTIST: Soft Blonde

RELEASE: No Good Trying

RELEASE DATE: 14/12/14


‘Soft Blonde’ are a psych pop/rock band from Rennes, France. Their debut EP ‘No Good Trying’ is somewhat of a masterpiece of its genre. The opener ‘Saucerful Of Regrets’ is a tripped out Jazzy 60s/70’s groove fest. Some would compare them to ‘Tame Impala’ but that would be too easy given the recent insurgence of ‘Tame Impala’ style psych. ‘Soft Blonde’ are the freshest thing I’ve come accross in that scene since ‘Unknown Mortal Orchestra’ and whereas their debut unviels their energy in a brilliant and honest way I feel that the only way is up for this band. This EP boasts hall marks of the delightful 60s presence but with production that shines shinier than a black BMW in the sun. This EP is an example of what ‘Tame Impala’ could have done had they completely integrated the synths in the first place rather than alienate their fans on their new one (which I think is a belter of an album too…dem vaporwaves )


The standout track on this EP, which is definitely the best track on the EP, because music journalism is an exact science is ‘Walk Under Lightning Strokes’
It phases out,it shoegazes,it lounges and it “house of the rising sun”‘s near the end,whopper track. One thing about this EP is it does not abandon the guitar riff, something that I feel psych rock and shoegaze have been lacking of late, sure its ok to have a mess of revolving, resolving Jazz chords covered in fuzz but the triumphant riffs on this EP make it stand out like a priest on a playground. With heavy interplay between the two vocalists and brilliantly stomping drums there is no reason why this EP wouldnt be on your favourite ITunes playlist.






Robert Von Ciaran

Robert Von Ciaran

Robert Mulhern is the Vocalist, Guitarist, Producer & Engineer in Irish heavy experimental shoegazers ‘Tuath’. Hailing from Donegal in the North of the Republic, Robert’s musical influences span numerous genres and are far reaching. ‘Tuath’ are quietly establishing themselves as forerunners in Ireland’s experimental shoegaze & psych-rock scene.

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