NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Tuath – Amhairc Thart Ort Fein


Fresh out of the studio where they have been bending sound at will into a sinister psychedelic mix of heady shoegazing goodness for their next full EP release & also on the verge of their first appearance at Irish boutique music festival ‘Electric Picnic’ – Irish experimental psych gazers ‘Tuath’ have surprised us all by releasing a brand new track entitled ‘Amhairc Thart Ort Fein’ via their social media outlets! Not afraid to push boundaries ‘Tuath’ are one of the most exciting musical outfits to come out of the Irish underground shoegazing scene for a long time. We have been reliably informed that this track will not appear on the new EP! 


‘Amhairc Thart Ort Fein’ is thrill ride through a maelstrom of fuzzy meandering vocal lines, screaming guitars, addictive throbbing bass & pounding drums! With a multitude of influential genres all rolled up into one big epic ball of layered psychedelic goodness we cant wait until the next full EP comes out. If you are down at ‘Electric Picnic’ this year you must go and check these guys out live.


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