PRIMAL RADIO | New Tracks On Rotation 23/09/15


This week on Primal Radio we have a selection of new tracks that we have introduced to our 24 hour radio stream. So, if you listen to Primal Radio via our home page from your desktops & you gaze down at the bottom of the screen you should find quick links to our social media outlets & a link to this blog! If you haven’t already, head over to Facebook & Twitter and give us a like/follow. You can also listen back to our radio shows via Mixcloud. There are links on our radio station homepage. We are constantly updating our servers with new & old shoegaze, dreampop, post rock & post punk artists from all around the globe for your audible pleasure! You can get in touch with us if there is a particular band / artist that you’d like us to include in the stream via –

First up this week we’re off to Strasbourg, France & the noisy post punk sounds of ‘SLAAP’. They released their double A Side single ‘Iceberg alley B​/​W After & Tomorrow’ on 7′ back in February of this year. We’ve chosen the brilliantIceberg Alley’ to add to our 24 hour a day rotation this week. Check it out via bandcamp:


Next up we’re off to Baltimore, Maryland & the absolutely stunning ‘Thrushes’. They released the equally stunning ‘Exposing Seas’ this month & we’v e chosen the awe inspiring ‘Snowblind’ to add to our rotation. Check it out via bandcamp or head over to & check it out via our live stream:


Scottish based ‘Savage Cut’ surprised us with their post rock inspired soundscapes filled with impressive samples & post punk throb! Their latest single ‘I Can Kill You With My Brain’ has now been added to our 24 hour a day live radio stream. Check it out:


Next up we’re off to Baltimore, Maryland & the latest EP release from the epic ‘Wildhoney’. We’ve pre-ordered this stunning release via bandcamp & we’ve also chosen the only available download until its full October release to put on rotation! Check out the wonderful ‘Laura’ for yourselves. It will blow your mind:


Next up its off to Phoenix, Arizona & to the highly impressive fuzzy sounds of nugazers ‘Daisy Face’. They’ve just released a split 7′ entitled ‘Daisy Face / Treehouses Split 7’ & we’ve chosen the brilliant ‘Quick & Alone’ to add to rotation this week. Check it out:


Up next we’re off to Denton, Texas & the emotive shoegazing sounds of ‘Walking Misery’. They’ve just released the impressive ‘Nowhere Close’ EP & we’ve chosen the lead track to add to our online radio rotation this week. Check it out:


Next up the brand new full release from the epic ‘Blackpool Astronomy’ entitled ‘Tripping The Mortal Coil’ out now via ‘The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records’. We’ve chosen the brilliant ‘Brazen Blackout’ to add to our rotation this week. Check it out:


And lastly on this weeks NEW TRACKS ON ROTATION we’re off to Sweden & to the epic ‘ZEIT’. No strangers to our playlists here at Primal Radio ‘Zeit’ have just released a stunning slice of modern day shoegaze entitled ‘Your Eyes’. Do check it out:


Until next time ……… Enjoy!




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