Following on from previous summer releases ‘This is Heaven’ and ‘Seventeen’ Dublin based noise­poppers ‘Galants’ are about to complete a trilogy of singles with the impending release of the upcoming track ‘Out Of Sight’. Veering towards the sphere of distorted guitar gazing the song is a reverb ­laden sonic blast echoing the early 90’s indie trail paved by Creation Records. With a sound incorporating cascading layers, riotous drums and soft melodious vocals ‘Galants’ take their cue from the scuzzy pop of the Dinosaur Jrs and Yo La Tengos of this world with a reverberated dash of MBV for good measure.


‘Galants’ is originally the brainchild of David Kennedy. Having moved to Dublin from London on a whim in the summer of 2010  he was immediately struck by the vibrant DIY culture imbuing the music venues of the capital. Inspired by the litany of talented bands and musicians on view he figured there was no better way of getting a foot in the city and meeting like­minded souls by taking his Jazzmaster out of hibernation. With the well ­received first release of double A­side, ‘Howling/Silver’ coming in early 2014 and a string of live shows with friends ‘Galants’ were subsequently invited to appear at Hard Working Class Heroes in the same year and cemented a place within the confines of Ireland’s indie/alternative community. The road eventually led to the meeting of drummer James McDonald formerly of progressive Belfast noiseniks Yakuza who joined ranks at the start of 2015 and straight away helped cement a sound that finds the band in more sonically clear territory. With the additional help of the finely honed production input of Gavin Elsted (S​uper Extra Bonus Party / Adultrock)​the band set to work on a series of singles recorded at Darklands Audio Studio with Daniel Doherty (G​host Estates / Sick Boy)​.


The Primal Music Blog is pleased to premiere this brand new release from epic noise poppers ‘Galants’ entitled ‘Out Of Sight’ . This latest single is a laid back fuzzy ride through layers of space rock infused goodness, interspersed at times with hints of early Dinosaur Jr,  immense vocal lines to die for & flurries of gazing goodness. The track also includes explosive lead guitar lines courtesy of Mr Connor Walls (Borders Of Sleep).

This final release in a trilogy that includes ‘This Is Heaven’, ‘Seventeen’ & now ‘Out Of Sight’ is to be followed by live dates before the end of the year which will be announced in due course. ‘Out Of Sight’ will be available to download via bandcamp from Wednesday 30th September 2015. 

All artwork to accompany the trilogy of singles is by Dublin based contemporary artist Barry White.


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