NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | We Keep The City Running – Ashes & Relics


‘We Keep The City Running’ hail from London & are a five-piece band consisting of – Christopher Wolf (vocals, guitar), JJ Saddington (guitar, programming), Buddy Bowen (bass, vocals), Alice Evans (violin, keys, glockenspiel) and Tim Storey (drums). Their sound lies somewhere between the soaring, tremolo-driven textures of instrumental rock, the sonic wash of early 90’s guitar bands and a densely layered – Pet Sounds influenced – wall of sound. Their forthcoming debut double a-side single release entitled ‘Ashes & Relics’ will be made available digitally via Bandcamp from Friday 23 October.

‘Ashes’ represents the beginning for ‘We Keep The City Running’ – a statement of intent! Pounding drums, a tremolo attack of guitars & a call and response chorus whilst ‘Relics’ deals with the themes of loss, the hopefulness of youth & the pressure of modern society. The initial optimism provided by a world of plenty is replaced by the grief of a punishing reality. In the end we’re all relics of our own past, and the final refrain questions: Could have done anything to change it?



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