ALBUM REVIEW | The Tailbreakers – The Tailbreakers


ARTIST: The Tailbreakers

RELEASE: The Tailbreakers

RELEASE DATE: 26/09/15

RECORD COMPANY: Ongakubaka Records

The Tailbreakers are a no nonsense rock n roll, psych outfit from Toronto utilizing fuzz, catchy vocal rhythms, surf …. basically all the ingredients of the 60’s. There is a track on this release for every fan of rock music…… They even have the moustaches to match. What i’m saying is – “they talk the talk & they walk the walk”.


Their first track ‘boneshaker’ takes me back to The Beatles before they became a boyband and long before they became acid taking mad men. It executes the guitar slides of the Surf era with great prestige. You could take your grandmother to this gig and she’d dance with you. ‘Electric monkey’ is a wah-fest, drenched in the rotary knob of a fender vibro-verb! It drives along in a highly stoned fashion & builds up to a wild bit of shouty chanting with the catchiest f*ckin riff going. I wish I had the phonetic writing skills to anthropomorphize it for you but I don’t so go and listen to it. Its on this track where I begin to think that this is what Oasis could have been if they didn’t suck so hard. ‘Rooster Call’ is my next choice track from this LP. Boasting a wee influence from the Django Reinhardt era on the guitars ….. Cab Calloway anyone? Cheeky Surf Rock at its best. The interesting thing about this affair is the Saxophone. The use of the Sax is a dangerous decision in the rock n roll environment but this track completely nails it. It has ‘Bad Ass’ written all over it. I cannot compliment the vocals on this track enough. If kurt cobain was able to do subtle,this would be it. ‘Poisoned’ is my next choice track from this EP(who needs a full rundown when the objective is to get you to listen to it yourself). This track tickles me right in the fancy. Proper sleazed out blues riffs while the vocals sing through a nasaly mid range mic, peppered with simple pentatonic riffs that get you going in the way you want Rock n Roll to. You know this whole LP was recorded off the floor by purists when you hear a track like this. The real magic of analog comes in on this one. Authenticity is this tracks first, middle & surname. ‘Tres Jinetes’ is the closer & by far my favorite track on this LP. Again with the gypsy infusions, this track grooves with balls & pride. Think Gogol Bordello on valium jamming with Brian Wilson ….. on heroin! Proper Surf Punk (if thats a thing?).


The Surf values on this LP, coupled with the absolute purism of recording off of the floor are unique. This band strives for real authenticity & they achieve it brilliantly. They are yet another display of the unbelievable talent coming out of Canada these days. Definitely for fans of Jello Biafra, Thee Oh Sees, The Beach Boys, pre boy band era Beatles & dare I say …….. Gogol Bordello?

What I’d like to see(personally) on the next offering is more distortion. Get Micheal Bay in to produce the next one …. more explosions! 

3.5 out of 5

Over and out of it.



Robert Von Ciaran

Robert Mulhern is the Vocalist, Guitarist, Producer & Engineer in Irish heavy experimental psychgazers ‘Tuath’. Hailing from Donegal in the North of the Republic Of Ireland, Robert’s musical influences span numerous genres and are far reaching. ‘Tuath’ are quietly establishing themselves as forerunners in Ireland’s experimental shoegaze & psych-rock scene.

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