LIVE REVIEW | Free Sunshine Acid Live At Burning Man Decomp 2015

Photo Courtesy Of Moths

Utilising the powers of many session musicians Dublin based psych gaze collective ‘Free Sunshine Acid’ take to the stage at Irelands ‘Burning Man Decomp 2015’ in the most gonzo of fashion clad in the traditional ‘Burning Man Decomp’ garb of “Whatever The F*ck Is Available” they stood triumphantly on the stage. After having tried to make a meal out of my own face, they started to play so my memory is a bit hazy! They started with a semi shoegazey chant of some description and went banging into the kind of Psych Rock that you would expect from Italy’s ‘Sonic Jesus’ ploughing on through some Brian Jonestown Massacre influenced space rock they reached a pinnacle. They marched through their set as if everything was planned in the most coy of fashion. This is the kind of thing that would make Les Claypool (Primus) and his jam bands jealous!I confronted them afterwards to ask for a setlist so I could BS this live review but to my amazement they actually do not have a setlist and just bang out tunes in a specific key.

This band took me on a journey ….. to somewhere, Im not sure where though?  All I can remember from this gig is that it was F*CKIN class and that if you don’t go to see them live every time they play, you are a fool!




Robert Mulhern is the Vocalist, Guitarist, Producer & Engineer in Irish heavy experimental shoegazers ‘Tuath’. Hailing from Donegal in the North of the Republic, Robert’s musical influences span numerous genres and are far reaching. ‘Tuath’ are quietly establishing themselves as forerunners in Ireland’s experimental shoegaze & psych-rock scene.

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