NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | The Morelings – No Sign.

No Sign Thumbnail

Philadelphia dream-pop duo, The Morelings have released a stunning new video for their dark and shimmering song ‘No Sign’. Directed by Bob Sweeney, it is the title track and final visual installment of their three-song EP issued in 2015.

“There is something really otherworldly swirling within the maelstrom of beautifully crafted sound waves that always catches this listeners ear with every turn of ‘No Sign’. The band always manage to connect with likeminded cinematic video directors who have the skills & knowledge needed to accurately represent & portray a visual explanation for their blissful sonic adventures. Collectively they never fail to mesmerise me with the finished article. This video is truly breathtaking” – Del Chaney.

The Morelings first video – ‘Less’was also directed by Sweeney and now, on the heels of their second video release, ‘Too Far’, directed by Santa Anna,’No Sign’ reflects the strong visual aesthetic established by The Morelings: ethereal, melodic dreamscapes built on multi-layered imagery with striking retro images of vocalist/bassist Kedra Caroline.

“No Sign” consists of drifting aerial views of lush fields and mystery-laden groves blended with live footage of Kedra Caroline and guitarist Matthew William. Drawing on a richly- toned late 1940’s/early 1950’s cinema aesthetic, “No Sign” soars, billowing on white silk sails calling out with no reply: “Sign of you, out of view now.”


The Morelingsbegan entrancing audiences with their ethereal sound in the summer of 2014. They then joined forces with Kyle “Slick” Johnson of Fancy Time Studio to record their hypnotic & shimmering debut EP, No Sign. This summer, they toured the East Coast and Midwest and now, as a follow up to No Sign, are recording their first full-length album with Philadelphia producer Jeff Zeigler (The War on Drugs, Nothing, A Sunny Day in Glasgow).


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