NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Blackfawn – Generations 14.

IMG_0974 3

‘BlackFawn’ is a psychedelic – noise – goth project composed of Alexandra & Daniel. After several years of writing and performing with a number of acts in the underground/alternative scene in Malta the two decided to move to Berlin and give birth to their new project. Daniel is addicted to writing and exporing new sounds while Alex is addicted to performing live. They have just finished recording and producing their first few tracks with Jonas Verwijnen & Janne Lounatvuori at Kaiku Studios (Liima/Wolf Parade/Ballet School/Moon Duo) and will be releasing their first single ‘Generations 14’ in the coming months.

‘Generations 14’ is a swirling, droning, psychedelic maelstrom of sound with a stunning ethereal vocal line sitting on top of shuffling dark & brash percussion track. The guitars on this track creep & lurk within the sonic shadows stalking Alexandra’s immense vocal lines with relative ease. A stunning piece of music & a debut video release from a promising new band. At last we have a band that are producing something truly special for fans of 4AD & Cocteau Twins! We will be keeping an eye on this immense duo!


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