NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | A Shoreline Dream – Revolvist.

A Shoreline Dream with logo small

The eagerly awaited forthcoming new album from Colorado based post gazers ‘A Shoreline Dream’ has spewed forth another amazing single & accompanying video from its inner sanctum in the guise of ‘Revolvist’ via ‘Latenight Weeknight Records’, an uptempo gritty number not usually associated with the bands traditional cinematic/postgaze soundscapes. 


Heavily influenced by Gothic sounds, ‘Revolvist’ teeters on the edge of Industrial with its dark shadowy electronic drum progressions, soaring synths & throbbing bass tones, whilst straining to stay true to the bands traditional atmospheric but immensely progressive post-gaze values. There is an overall industrial/gothic roughness to ‘Revolvist’ Ala ‘Nine Inch Nails/Bauhaus/The Damned’ but its soaring reverberating guitars & yet another impressive vocal performance will insure that fans of this Colorado based band will not be disappointed. The accompanying video is a perfect extension to the track with its gothic inspired images featuring Denver side-show performing legends ‘The Scissor Sweethearts’ – Siara Gray and Serana Rose! It was filmed entirely on location in the outdoor set of Shoreline Studios.


‘Revolvist’ gets its official release via ‘Latenight Weeknight Records’ on March 04 2016 & will be available to purchase from iTunes.


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