NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Fire Behaving As Air – Watch The World Go Down.



Melbourne based droning dream gazers ‘Fire Behaving As Air’ have just unleashed another amazing single & video entitled ‘Watch The World Go Down’ from their immense 2015 debut album ‘Vapour Trail’‘Watch The World Go Down’ is a beautiful, crawling, gritty soundscape that showcases the sonic intensity that surrounds Fire Behaving As Air. Beck Lee’s vocal swims through a wall of reverb & sinks into a sea of guitar swells, diminished percussion & effected hallucinogenic instrumentation!

The accompanying video is an entrancing psychedelic view of dancing, angelic imagery in a hazy sun drenched world. The actual video footage is extracted from “Entr’acte” & was directed by René Clair back in 1924.

You can stream/download the immense ‘Vapour Trail’ right now from:

“Sometimes all you can do is sit back and watch everything self-destruct”


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