Founded in 2003, experimental post rock psych gazing 4 piece ‘Vidulgi Ooyoo’ have been ploughing an upward furrow through the live scene of their home country South Korea & further afield, consistently without breaking sweat. Band members GV Lee, JongSeok . GV Han, Yesol . D Lee, YongJun . B Cha, Sanghoon effortlessly produce immense sonic shoegazing soundscapes with relative ease. With their 8 track debut album ‘Aero’ blasting our speakers on a daily basis & their recently released single ‘Love? Green? Rollin?’ , featuring Joey Levenson (SPC ECO) on guitar, already on rotation up on Primal Radio, we caught up with the band and asked them some easy questions relating to their formation, influences, future plans & touring. Check out their answers including relevant music & video links below:

1) Who are you? Tell us about the formation of your band & your bands history?

I am the band’s founder Jong Seok Lee.. Vidulgi Ooyoo is a Korean 4-piece band that plays shoe gaze, space rock, and post rock. Formed in 2003, we released our debut ‘Aero’ in 2008. In 2010, we released a split album with Chicago shoegazers Bliss City East, which also had Joey Levenson from SPC ECO on it. In 2013, our 2nd album Officially Pronounced Alive came out. We had many members change in that time and last year, our 10-years-deep frontwoman, JeeHye Ham, left to work on other projects. Now, we have found an amazing new vocalist/guitarist Yesol Han, and we have been writing and performing with her, We released a new digital single ‘Love Green Rollin’ in November 2015, once again featuring Joey Levenson on guitar.

2) Who are your biggest influences? What are your favourite albums or artists?

I love psychedelic bands, as well as bands with classic songwriting, as well as sitar-based music, shoe gaze, space rock. I get a lot of influence from sound. Pink Floyd, Maurice Ravel, Beethoven, MBV, Cocteau Twins, and so on. As far as records: Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd, Isn`t Anything by MBV, Majaar by Jan Garbarek, Treasure by Cocteau Twins. I love these records a lot.


3) Describe your sound?

The sound of a piece of art by Vincent Van Gogh, a sound shower, violence, a total eclipse.


4) What inspired you to start making music?

Dreams, Expressive paintings. the stars in the sky, and the memories of my youth.

5) What do you love about shoegaze?

Texture and melody.


6) Why is it important for the world to hear your music?

I want people to feel the beat of my heart, my music.

7) Out of all of your recorded tracks, what is your favourite? Why?

Murmur`s Room from our debut Aero. I feel like its an endless song.


8) Musically what are your bands plans for 2016? Are you playing live in Europe or the USA?

We are working on our 3rd record. We’re preparing for our first China tour since 2010. If its in the cards, we’d love to go back to America, and possibly Europe.

9) Can you name some similar sounding bands from your country or elsewhere as recommended listening for our readers?

I love Daydream or The Underwear Band from here in Korea. As well as Yume Bitsu from Portland, U.S.A.

10) Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

If you close your eyes, you can see such wonderful sounds.. Things you can feel in your heart.





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