EP REVIEW | Giant Surprise – Is Failure An Option?


ARTIST: Giant Surprise

RELEASE: Is Failure An Option?

RELEASE DATE: 24/01/16


‘Giant Surprise’ are a shoegaze/emo/post-punk influenced three piece from San Diego California who ingeniously wield their immense musical ability with this, their second, four track EP release entitled ‘Is Failure an Option?’ . By the sound of this new EP there are ‘No failures’ here. One listen to any sonically dense track from their newest creation will remind you that ‘vast music’ has the ability to sound immense! The guys create epic, yet comforting sound waves in this most recent genre fusing release.


In a recent interview the band members self describe their sound as an amalgamation of elements from emotional rock sounds (emo) from the 90’s transformed into modern day sludgy shoegazer. The genius in this transformation is duly noted in the band’s innate ability to take a melancholy vibe and actually lift your spirits. Although my comparison sounds like an oxymoron, the proof is in the massive sound experience Giant Surprise creates. In the tracks ‘Weightless’ & ‘Good Morning’ the enhanced, epically fuzzed out but equally haunting guitar sound, brought calmly together with the soothing vox of frontman Michael Schriner, will take your mind to a place that only real shoegazers can create. Have a listen to how several genres coalescing together into gorgeous sound can have the effect of true sonic bliss through a melancholy vibe.

“Bliss created through a melancholy vibe is the ingenious result when emotional rock and shoegazer meet in such a grand style, created by this stunning trio appropriately named Giant Surprise”






Joe S. Giangrave has always felt like he’s a musician trapped in a non-musically talented body. But whatever delusions this guy might have of lacking any talent, he makes up for in his unwavering support of the worldwide underground shoegazing scene.  ‘Shoegazer Sanctuary’ & ‘Shoegazer Sanctuary Radio’ are two social media music groups on Facebook that he founded over a year ago. He also has a freeform Internet Journal called ‘Shoegazer Sanctuary Music’ on Tumblr. His dedicated radio show ‘Shoegazer Sanctuary Radio’ also known as ‘The Sanctuary’, is aired over on Primal Radio on the first Friday of every month & features a wealth of underground shoegaze, dreampop & ambient artists from all around the world.

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