NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Ask For Joy – Pinprick Eyes.

Ask for Joy - Pinprick Eyes

‘Ask For Joy’ aka multi instrumentalist / producer Aaron Rossetto has just announced a brand new single entitled ‘Pinprick Eyes’ (Releases Friday February 19th), lifted from his forthcoming and highly anticipated brand new seven track album ‘New Private Window’. Known for his walls of shimmering reverb drenched guitars & sensible harmonic melodies ‘Ask For Joy’ combines the fuzzy warm shoegaze of ‘Slowdive’ with the raw sonic power produced by ‘Jesus and Mary Chain’ to collectively create a divine cacophony of beautiful noise. 


‘Pinprick Eyes’ is a windswept sonic island within a sea of reverberating melodic joy. A thunderous opening verse leads the charge as we’re led on a merry dance through golden peaks & troughs, stuffed full of shimmering layered reverb drenched guitars!  Aaron’s vocals are stripped back to stand out like beacons of light within the sonic maelstrom. ‘Pinprick Eyes’ is a beautifully melodic track that whets the appetite for the forthcoming full album release.

‘Pinprick Eyes’ gets its official release on Friday 19th February 2016 via with the full brand new album entitled ‘New Private Window’ expected by months end.



4 thoughts on “NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Ask For Joy – Pinprick Eyes.

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