EP REVIEW | Grivo – Grivo EP.




RELEASE DATE: 27/08/15


‘Grivo’ are from Austin, Texas. They collectively obliterate genre stereo types with this, their groundbreaking self-titled three track EP! Released in August of 2015, I was wondering where the music from this young talent had been all my life.


I instantly experienced chills after hearing the first note! Sensational transformation of what you think you are going to hear to more like what moves the listener deeply! This three track EP is Galactic! The momentum each track has through the slow tempo, long, fuzzed out, perfectly reverberated guitar riffs is undeniable. To say the sound created by ‘Grivo’ is just emo/slow core would be inadequate! It’s more than just those two genres. It’s a full on movement in sound that reaches deep inside you & brings out what you feel, whether it’s sadness? gladness? ‘Grivo’ will even everything out through sheer inspiration. They grab everything and envelope your senses in sheer slow motion shoegazer beauty. You will fall in love with all three tracks. Once the deep, powerful, melancholy true emotional sound of ‘Grivo’ grabs you, you will be rendered helpless to its evoking of raw, primal emotion through epic sound.

“Sensationalism meets slowmotion shoegazer beauty conveyed in a deep melancholy vibe in this masterpiece EP created by the remarkable  – Grivo‘”

The ‘Grivo EP’ is available to download right now as ‘Name Your Price’ via www.grivo.bandcamp.com






Joe S. Giangrave has always felt like he’s a musician trapped in a non-musically talented body. But whatever delusions this guy might have of lacking any talent, he makes up for in his unwavering support of the worldwide underground shoegazing scene. ‘Shoegazer Sanctuary’ & ‘Shoegazer Sanctuary Radio’ are two social media music groups on Facebook that he founded over a year ago. He also has a freeform Internet Journal called ‘Shoegazer Sanctuary Music’ on Tumblr. His dedicated radio show ‘Shoegazer Sanctuary Radio’ also known as ‘The Sanctuary’, is aired over on Primal Radio on the first Friday of every month & features a wealth of underground shoegaze, dreampop & ambient artists from all around the world.

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