SINGLE PREMIERE | Plastic Flowers – Diver.


‘Plastic Flowers’ is a Dream Pop band from London, UK, formed in late 2011 by multi-instrumentalist George Samaras. He has recorded two full length studio albums ‘Evergreen (2014)’ & the forthcoming ‘Heavenly (2016)’. ‘Plastic Flowers’ create beautifully textured soundscapes that shimmer & float on a hazy, ethereal sonic jet stream.


This latest single entitled ‘Diver’ is a beautiful slice of golden, sonic melancholy! Its dreamy vocal progressions express a gorgeous synergy between light & shade whilst musically the track builds from its very first note until its ends in a cacophony of electronic drums, layered synths & reverberating guitars.

‘Diver’ is the first track to be lifted from ‘Plastic Flowers’  forthcoming mammoth eleven track second album ‘Heavenly’. The album is penned in for release on April 22nd 2016 via ‘The Native Sound (LP/Digital)’ & ‘Track and Field Records (Cassette)’.

You can pre-order ‘Heavenly’ right now, on various formats, by heading over to:


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