NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | The Cabin Fever – Agoraphobic.


Los Angeles based sludgy, melodic, dark gazing trio ‘The Cabin Fever’ have just dropped their first single entitled ‘Agoraphobic’ from their forthcoming debut album ‘Enjoy Yourself’ penned in for release this spring. ‘The Cabin Fever’ is comprised of Sean Moriarty (vocals/guitar), Joel Bedolla (guitar) and Tripp Beam (drums). 


‘Agoraphobic’ is a dark, crawling, nostalgic affair with subtle acoustic guitar progressions wrapped in an addictively repetitive almost effortless drum pattern & that absolutely immense vocal performance courtesy Sean Moriarty. It has beautifully melodic tones that float in and out of the sonic ether with ease and compliment the overall track production. The band uses light & dark frequencies brilliantly to give a sense of melancholic foreboding that bleeds into the vocal track & sucks the listener in with it. 

Definitely ones to watch going forward!

‘Agoraphobic’ is available to buy/download right now from:


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