EP REVIEW | Wired Minds – Saudade.


ARTIST: Wired Minds

RELEASE: Saudade

RELEASE DATE: 01/01/16


Saudade is the 2016 debut EP release from Chicago, Illinois Alternative rock/Post-punk band Wired Minds. The EP features three tracks, recorded in late 2015, that showcase the three pieces tight sound; influenced greatly by underground bands of the 80’s such as The Church and (goth rock period) The Cure. The EP is drenched in beautiful guitar reverb, with pounding hi-hat-smashing drums and thick yet subtle bass. On select tracks, Wired Minds also meld a fantastically produced 80’s era keyboard sound into the entire band structure; subsequently producing feelings of nostalgia and mellow-vibes. On Saudade the band has concocted three pieces of music intent on invoking an emotional connection with the listener… And they do that quite successfully.


The standout track is the opener, ‘Victoria’ which features distinct drumming, influenced by the likes of Joy Division and In The Flat Field-era Bauhaus. The guitars radiate the reverb mentioned above and a slight, subtle, but intelligent shoegaze feel that dwells in the far back of the music. The chorus is the highlight of the song; with the lyrics evoking pictures of industrial areas of England, or perhaps an abandoned beach somewhere cold and distant. The chorus introduces the bright, 80’s style keyboard that adds a whole different edge to the music. The rest of the EP dwells into the darker realms of Wired Minds musical landscape. ‘Strange Kind of Love’ sounds much more gothic, utilizes a darker keyboard sound, and reaps a much more heavy tone (both in the bass guitar and the music) than the rest of the album; but that’s not to say it isn’t brilliant. The closing track, ‘Where You End and I Begin’ has a 90’s post-rock, Britpop sound to it and is the most commercially minded (not that that’s not good) song of the EP. The closing song shares the same elements of the other two but seems to be the most up-beat of the EP; all the while maintaining a distant, post-punk sound somewhere deep in the music. Lyrically, I believe this song is the weakest on the EP; where the other songs featured lyrics that slotted in well with the music, ‘Where You End and I Begin’ walks a tight-rope between suitable and clichéd lyrics. This is the only song on the EP that I thought was overlong; albeit not by very much.

Saudade lives on the line between slow gothic strumming and upbeat 90’s inspired alt-rock/post-rock to create a well-crafted piece of post-punk music, touched slightly with shoegaze undertones. The EP sounds like a more upbeat version of Australian post-punk band The Church and it should speak volumes that these three songs shine brighter than a substantial amount of The Church’s more ‘distant’ back catalogue. On Saudade Wired Minds have released three extremely well crafted tracks that are a testament to the belief that with great vision, knowledge and effort, a genre like post-punk can stand higher and more entrancing than it has ever before; even with its history rooted deeply in the past.







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C. Phillips is a writer and above all, a music lover, who seeks to gain experience through writing and listening. He is also an avid film viewer and art and literature junkie who enjoys creative writing. His most recent published work was featured on the Australian heavy music blog, I Probably Hate Your Band.


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