NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Moon Loves Honey – Start All Over Again.

band photo1

Danish based dream-gazers ‘Moon Loves Honey’ collectively create a hazy mix of melodic dream pop with layered soaring shoegaze. They released their stunning debut EP ‘Apart’ back on the 26th February 2016 and they have just announced a brilliant new video to accompany their immense track ‘Start All Over Again’. In this latest video from them, the band let their paper drawing alter ego’s break free and float on vividly coloured psychedelic waves as they are bombarded with stunning golden hued sonic sounds.  

‘Start All Over Again’ shimmers, as swirls of beautifully constructed soaring guitars assimilate those charging drums. The synth lines swerve through the intense soundscape as we’re treated to a golden hued cacophony of sound that envelopes the addictively melodic vocal track.  ‘Moon Loves Honey’ are: Jeppe Dengsø – Vocal & Guitar, Stine Drejer – Vocal & Synth, Johan Gudmandsen – Bass & Ludvig Kastberg on drums and their debut EP is available to buy/download right now from:

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