ALBUM REVIEW | Savage Sister – Speechless.


ARTIST: Savage Sister

RELEASE: Speechless

RELEASE DATE: 02/02/16


Chicago’s dense dream pop architects, Savage Sister, have been around since 2012 and consists of synth/guitarist Michael Tenzer, synth/vocalist Chloe Lundgren, and bassist Caitlin Klask. Imagine a frothy mix of Cocteau Twins topped by a dreamy whip of Slowdive and you may have an inkling of their sound. Mixing up deeply reverbed vocals with watery synths, drenched guitar work, and an omnipresent drum machine, the band manages to serve up something unique. At times, the music approaches the heavenly realm of sacred music (“Cocoon, “Sacred Lips”) with soaring vocals and a symphonic sheen that is redolent with 14th century paeans.


Opening track ‘Phantomvision’ is altogether creepy, yet it grabs the listener by the ears and drowns them with perfumed synth swells. ‘Flaxen Hair’ channels the Cocteaus, yet rolls on in original fashion, bringing a bright, shiny modern vibe similar to Russia’s ‘Pinkshinyultrablast’. ‘True Kindness’ is warped sounding pop that swoons and aches, bursting at the seams with dreamy goodness. ‘Hands In The Flowers’ is chilly synth pop with an arresting vocal, it warms you even while its serene coolness calms you down. ‘Cocoon’ is spectacular, hitting all my senses at once, and its ethereal wash shimmers and shines as it surrounds you. The instrumental ‘I Could Live in Ecstasy’ is a wave of sprightly synth washes, while ‘Embody’ is more forthright, with a lush backdrop and Chloe’s light soprano vocals. ‘Pale Surrender’ hovers at the edge of psych pop with out of phase melodies and trippy sonics. ‘Sacred Lips’ is another obvious homage to the Cocteau Twins, though the band once again stamp it with their own original take on 80s post punk. It floats and flutters and is another dream pop gem. ‘Mirrorspeak’ is a short drone with a buried vocal line that somehow pierces through the veil of dark synths.

This band is just begging to be discovered, and any fans of the bands mentioned here would do well to check this out straight away!





Music has always been a driving force for Elizabeth Klisiewicz, which she days “continues to define my existence”. During and after her college years, she ran a weekly radio show at WMUA FM Radio and also at a community station in Springfield, MA, in addition to writing music and concert reviews for the college newspaper. At present, she writes for The Big Takeover Magazine and The Active Listener Blog, and recently began producing a semi-regular Mixcloud-based show called The Kitchen Sink. In the real world, when not writing technical manuals, she gets her thrills from reading mysteries, birdwatching, and can always be found with a camera and a maxed-out storage card full of music.

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