UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT | Interview with Indonesian shoegazers – Hellens.


Indonesian shoegazers ‘Hellens’ release their stunning debut 6 track EP entitled ‘Distancia’ via the brilliant Gerpfast Kolektif records on the 16th April 2016. With a blissful sound that echoes some of the most influential of the 90’s shoegazing stalwarts & with an added infusion of beautiful dream-pop,‘Hellens’ are creating shimmering vibrations that will reverberate throughout the worldwide shoegazing fraternity. In a continuation of our UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT series of interviews here at The Primal Music Blog we caught up with the band and asked them some probing questions on their formation, influences, their love of shoegaze & dream pop and their future plans. Big thank you’s go to both the band and Aditya Pandu over at Gerpfast Kolektif Records for affording us the interview time.

Hello Hellens, welcome to the Primal Music Blog! Could you please tell us about the formation of the band and your history? 

Hellens was formed by larasati nugraha (vocal), andrian garibaldi (bass), igar adriansyah (rythm guitar), satrio rizky (lead guitar), ary gunaryono (synth/keyboard) dan maulana akbar (drum) at 2015 in Tangerang, Indonesia. They’ve known each other since high school.

Who are your biggest influences?

We don’t really have any specific influence in making music. Because we listened to some references and explored the elements then we mixed them into a composition to make it more like our version. But actually our music influences are dominant by 90’s era shoegaze bands.

Describe your sound?

We always try to create a familiar sound for our listeners (shoegazers). As our character, we prioritize a luxurious output because we want to keep the special structural of shoegaze / dreampop sounds.


What inspired you to start making music?

Most of them are based on simple things like our closest friends’ stories then we develop them into some interesting and meaningful songs.

What do you love about shoegaze & dream pop?

Shoegaze and dream pop are alternative music’s sub culture which have some special typical music and instruments and also can bring us to some unique atmosphere when we listen to them. Sometimes when we are listening to shoegaze or dream pop music, we can feel our own comfort either in emotional situation or metaphor situation that can make us feel like we’re in outer space or other fantasy zones that came out of nowhere without reasons. Or more like “the scene that celebrate itself” can represent what are in our heads hahaha!


Why is it important for the world to hear your music?

We always want to get some feedback in an appreciation form of shape. Because no matter what, appreciation is the most important thing to make our each and every work better. Appreciation make us feel like we’re recognized and have our own pride because we know our work can be enjoyed by a lot of people remembering that we’re an asian shoegaze band.

Musically, what are your bands plans for the next year?

Hopefully we can create some new projects like an album or releasing something. Our EP, ‘distancia’ is our very first step. We think discography is a must and very important for a band to keep their existences in their scene. Other than that, we will do a lot of gigs appearances and live performances and also maturing our music.


Can you name some bands from your home country or elsewhere as recommended listening?

We think that the progress of local shoegaze scene in Indonesia is pretty good. There are many new shoegaze or dream pop bands making an appearance recently. Like the newest release is Intenna or Treasure Hiding which are contained in Holy Noise compilation that was released by Anoa Records. Even there are some spectacular bands like Tokyo Shoegazer. Presence of Soul, Lemons Chair, dan Luminous Orange. And some westerns like Whirr, Diiv, and Ringo Deathstarr.


If you has the chance to cover any artists music, who would it be? And why?

Only Shallow by mbv or Golden Hair that have been covered by slowdive hahaha. Because for us those two songs are used as barometers in shoegaze scene in the 90’s or even now in this modern era. Besides, shoegaze and dream pop can’t be seperated from those 2 big bands.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with our readers?

We will release our very first EP titled ‘Distancia’ the 16th of April. That EP will be used as our first gun which included 6 tracks. It’ll be released by Gerpfast Kolektif in cassette tape and digital format. We’re hoping that by our first release, Hellens music and work can grow also be more mature than we are now. We also hope that shoegaze and dreampop scene in Asia especially in Indonesia become bigger so there’ll be a lot of new bands generation and more shoegaze, dream pop, or post rock gigs …… hahahahaha! 


‘Distancia’ gets its official release on the 16th April 2016 via Gerpfast Kolektif Records and is available to pre-order right now from: gerpfastkolektif.bandcamp.com/album/distancia-ep





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