NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Saint God – Narasvette.

Tel Aviv based (but originally from Tallinn, Estonia and Murmansk, Russia) dark & noisy shoegazing duo ‘Saint God’ have released a stunning video to accompany their latest single entitled ‘Narasvette’, the follow up release to 2016’s full length studio album ‘Montefiore’. The track ‘Narasvette’ came together quite spontaneously, and was inspired by the bands new acquaintance with Giulia Piana who is also featured in the video. An amazing dancer and world traveler from Sicily, Italy who was visiting Tel Aviv for a couple of days.

‘Narasvette’ creeps within dark sonic energies as it builds its layered walls of reverberating guitars and pounding drums. The vocals float on a wave of beautifully textured hazy production and act as a calming influence on the maelstrom of immense swirling noise circumnavigating its outer shell.

Thoroughly enjoyable and recommended listening for fans of dark creeping shoegaze!


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