Canadian/Ukrainian electronic dream-pop duo Ummagma have unleashed a brand new single & accompanying video entitled ‘Galacticon’ lifted from their recently released, via Moon Sounds Records, eight track EP ‘Frequency’.

Ummagma consists of Shauna McLarnon, who hails from Canada’s Yukon & Alexander Kretov who is from Ukraine. Since bursting onto the music scene in 2012, they have made a significant impact on the musical underground. Their potent combination of uplifting & melancholic textured dreampop, shoegaze, postpunk, ambient and electronica rapidly gained them a sizeable international following despite the numerous issues they faced living between Canada & Ukraine. ‘‘Frequency’’ follows the band’s two debut LPs, the mesmerising ‘Antigravity’ & the brilliant ‘Ummagma’ which were simultaneously released in 2012 & it represents a slight departure from the first two albums, which whisked the listener through the romanticism of first meetings, big love, adventures abroad and optimistic dreaming through to the realities of birth, loss, death and departure. In contrast, ‘Frequency’ explores such themes as space and distance, timelessness, escapism, and the search for tranquility.

‘Galacticon’ showcases Ummagma’s immense ambient leanings as spacious swathes of sonic reverberation & melodic synth swells are expertly supplemented with atmospheric samples and beautiful cascading golden hued frequencies. The accompanying video instills warmth as the band takes you on an ariel view, close overhead some brilliant places, including the historic middle-ages town of Kremenets (in Western Ukraine) with it’s landmark Bona castle ruins and breathtaking landscape.

The ‘Frequency EP’ is available to buy/download right now from:


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