NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Tuath – Existence Is Futile.


Irish based multi-lingual experimental psych-gazers ‘Tuath’ have returned with a stunning new single and accompanying video entitled ‘Existence Is Futile’ lifted off their forthcoming brand new EP of the same name thats penned in for digital release on June 15. The band have been working tirelessly in the studio to finish up what is one of the most anticipated releases of the summer and they haven’t disappointed with this latest single.

‘Existence Is Futile’ is steeped in ambient atmospherics from its opening bars. It builds as it gathers momentum, all the while crawling on a repetitive percussive arrangement with some addictively entrancing guitar lines, immense psych induced synth swells and that floating vocal track that seems to hang in the sonic ether supported by swathes of swirling luscious reverb. It explodes into the break all the while shuffling and ambling on its chosen musical course and on into its finality!

The accompanying video was directed by Raymond McBride and suitably coalesces alongside the tracks psychedelically charged persona. We’re eagerly awaiting the full EP and we can’t applaud this lead single enough! 

Recommended Listening! 


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