NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Novanta – Goðafoss.


Milan based dream-gazing electronica outfit Novanta AKA Manfredi Lamartina has unleashed the first single and a stunning accompanying video from his latest full length album ‘Hello We’re Not Enemies’. This first single entitled ‘Goðafoss’ is one of the albums best tracks, perhaps partly based on the fact that it has a magnificent vocal performance courtesy of guest vocalist Raniero Federico Neri, from the italian indie rock band Albedo that’s coupled with some stunning electronic instrumentation from Manfredi! ‘Hello We’re Not Enemies’ gets its full release on June 17, 2016 via the Palermo based independent record label Seashell Records:

‘Goðafoss’ drives and pulses within a beautiful post-punk/electro tone before flowing out into a beautiful final piece of keyboard contemplation. It ceases at around the three minute mark, leaving this listener immersed in a cacophony of stunning sound waves and inspired musical frequencies.

Goðafoss is about a man who wants to be a god, shaking the world and erasing all the evil. But mankind is indifferent to everything: love, compassion, empathy. ‘Hello We’re Not Enemies’ is about empathy: we are living in a world where all men are involved in an absurd battle against each other,” explains Manfredi Lamartina. “Iceland seems a little piece of paradise, with breathtaking landscapes and a general feeling of wonder. I went to Iceland last year and I really fell in love with that country. “Hello We’re Not Enemies” is deeply influenced by Iceland, which is why the album will be out on June 17th, Icelandic National Day.”


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