UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT | An Interview With Dean Garcia (CURVE, SPC ECO, S T F U).


I think its fair to say that seminal musical outfit Curve have shaped a lot of the sound swirling around in todays underground music scene. Dean Garcia was one part of that creative conglomerate. He has since gone on to write, record & produce stunning soundscapes both as a solo producer and with the brilliant SPC ECO. Dean has now joined forces with the stunning vocal prowess of Preston Maddox (bloody knives) to release an immense full length debut album entitled ‘What We Want’ under the moniker of S T F U. The album is penned in for release on the 29th July 2016 and it is packed full of stunning electronica, hypnotic loops, mesmerising synth swells and that infectious vocal track all intertwined within a swirling mass of dark infectious sonic frequencies. Primal Music’s contributing writer Elizabeth Klisiewicz caught up with Dean and asked him few questions on about the bands conception, it’s enthralling sound, their song writing process & the bands future plans. Check it out:

EK: Hi Dean. It’s really cool to get the chance to interview you. We’re big fans of your music here at Primal and this new project is excellent so thank you for taking some time out to answer these questions. 

DG: Thanks Elizabeth, no problem re the interview…

EK: How did you guys meet? Was it a mutual introduction through Wyatt or some other way?

DG: Preston and I have never actually met, I only know him via the staggered words we’ve exchanged over the past 7 years or so, I’m told he’s a nice sort…We get on very well, probably due to fact that we’ve never met but more to do with the connection through the music we both love. He contacted me ages ago for a remix of a Bloody Knives song which I did and gave him a SPC ECO song for inclusion on a compilation CD he was working on at the time. Since then we’ve always wanted to work on something together but never got round to it due to our circumstances and timing. The time was right for us both with this record so we just went for it.

EK: How was STFU conceived of?

DG: As said we’ve been planning to work on something for a long time, One day out of the blue about 3 /4 months ago I just prompted him on Facebook by posting a track we’d made years before (deangarcia.bandcamp.com/track/no-way-out ) with a message saying we should do more, he came back very quickly saying let’s do it so we set about it with no pre-conceived ideas of what it should be or what it should be called or sound like…


EK: I would describe your sound as dream pop with elements of dark wave. Would that be an accurate description?

DG: That’s a good a description as any, I think it taps into many different and varied genres and takes from all over, I’ve always felt that it’s up to the listener to describe the sound of any song or band as it’s very personal, subjective and all relevant. I like to genre bend and cross boundaries within music, I’ve always done that with all of the people I write with, I don’t believe in restrictions within music it’s always about the broad minded sweep rather than the closed off ‘We have to sound like this’ approach.


EK: Please describe the song creation and recording process ?

DG: All done over the wires, we swapped ideas in various states of progress, Initially to get the ball rolling Preston sent me about seven ideas/songs over a period of 6/7 weeks, some more developed than others but all very open to interpretation which was perfect for me, I in turn sent 4/5 ideas back during the same time span for him to do with as he pleased, I think the open ness was the key to it working so well, the space to explore without restriction, after sending back the first few ideas as they progressed it was clear we were on the same track with it all, Preston is very open minded about where things go, he went on his good sense of what feels and sounds right to him which is exactly as I do. The chemistry was right as well as the attitude of allowing each other the freedom to add whatever we wanted regardless of what it was, it has to be like that to get the best out of all involved, fortunately we really liked all the adds and the way the songs progressed which is something that just happens because you’re tuned in with one another, or you get the other side of the coin where everything gets diluted and compromised and ultimately becomes stale and wrong for all involved. As ever it’s about the chemistry, I’ve always preferred working as a duo so all in all it was a pure joy to work this with Preston as I always imagined it would be.


EK: What inspires your songs?

DG: For me it’s of the moment, you may start out a piece where you have a solid idea of what it should be or a reference as to how it should sound but more often than not either end up somewhere completely different and away from what you were going for which can be good or bad or as in most cases end up in the bin. I’ve found it’s always best to just start something up on the fly and clear of the preconceived and see where it takes you. The key is in recognising the good in something and realising it, the self editing instinctive aspect is as important as anything else. The aim is to end up with something you love, how you achieve this is up to you, that’s always the inspiration for me.

EK: Any favourite instruments or recording techniques used on this album?

DG: I like all of the instruments I play but the Bass is my fave, it always has been, it sticks everything together like glue. My other fave instrument is the recorder itself, this is where you make everything work as one, this involves the very important delete option, what you decide to use and where it goes and where n when it does not. The recorder itself is the most powerful and creative intrument of all.


EK: Do you think you’ll ever meet up for a tour somewhere?

I think we will meet up at some point, it would be shame not to, but weather that’s for a tour I can’t say, I’m sure if the demand was there and the record gets away then anything is possible, Speaking for myself if that was the case I’d jump in and have it large.

EK: Do you see this project expanding to include other musicians?

I don’t think we’d want to bring anyone else in as between us we can cover everything we need as we’re both multi instrumentalists, it’s not to do with bringing someone in because they could play it better than we could as I think we’d rather it be played worse if anything it’s more a case of we’d rather hear it played or delivered in our own particular way.


EK: And finally, What is your favourite track on this album, and why?

All of the tracks on this record have that certain charm but my fave is ‘What We Want’ as it just stood up and emotionally bulldozed me from the beginning. The way it came together was magical. The first time I heard Preston’s vocal and delivery I had to play a bass very loud onto the track straight away, the bass take you hear on the record is the exact one I recorded unedited exactly as was, I had one of those fleeting moments of great beauty delivering that bass take, rare and special, it’s the exact essence of what you strive for, time stands still for a moment, it’s also the very reason I make music in the first place, that gut feeling you get from all of the elements, pure adrenalin and excitement. Same with the guitars that followed soon after, feeding back and on the edge but all the time tuning in with everything else that’s within the recording…Definitely ‘What We Want’ for sure.


EK: Thanks again, Dean! Great chatting to you. 

DG: Pleasure 🙂





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