NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Telstar Sound Drone – Your Finger Stirs The Liquid Moon.


Copenhagen based drone masters ‘Telstar Sound Drone’ have unleashed a stunning new video to accompany the latest single entitled ‘Your Finger Stirs The Liquid Moon’ from their impressive album ‘Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles’, released via ‘Bad Afro Records’ back in March 2016! The album was recorded deep within a World War II air-raid shelter and the album reflects this with its pulsating psychedelic infused instrumentals; covered in heavy distortion and tinged with an undercurrent of shoegaze.

‘Your Finger Stirs The Liquid Moon’ is impressive! It mixes dark & foreboding synth drones with a swirling repetitive guitar structure, collectively circumnavigating that hazy reverberating vocal line. The track meanders through an electronically charged, pock marked psychedelic landscape, delving deep into the musical subconscious and soaring magnificently into the sonic ether!

Recommended viewing! 


Check out the full ‘Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles’ album review here:

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