NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Follow The Sea – Virhe.


PHOTO: Sara Eklöf

Swedish based noise making duo ‘Follow The Sea’ have unleashed an infectious new track entitled ‘Virhe’ as a pre-cursor to the release of their forthcoming (May 25th 2016) five track album via Häxrummet Records entitled ‘Blue Joy’, the follow up to 2014’s immense ‘Sibirien’.


‘Virhe’ languishes on a bed rock of repetitive sequenced percussion as those hazy synth swells and addictive guitars swirl around the psychedelically induced intensely melodic vocal track thus holding it in a kind of sonic stasis as the track meanders expertly on its musical course! This, for new listeners to the band, is a new direction musically from from them but it adds a giddying expectancy for whats to come from the full release.

Recommended listening!

‘Blue Joy’ gets its full release on the 25th May 2016 via ‘Häxrummet Records’ but you can pre-order the full release digitally and on limited edition 12′ Vinyl right now from:


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